The Game Of Makin' Bacon, No Eating Allowed!

​​​I was so hungry for bacon when I started the video for the dice game The Game Of Makin’ Bacon! Greasy fingers!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I like checking out new games on video. It is a challenge for me to learn the game and understand the mechanics in a short time. I think everyone goes through that when they first learn a game. After a few game plays it starts to make sense and becomes easier to play. How many times do you here “Is that in the rules?” when you first start playing 🙂 What a fun little game!


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  2. im eating bacon 😀 in real life no kidding…

  3. why did you not put buch in this video

  4. they should totally have added a few more zeros to the scoring, and include a block of scoresheets, to write them all down.

  5. I got this for Valentines Day! Love it!

  6. Butch is going to be mad that you did something that has to do with bacon without him. I love him!! You should put him in more of your videos. He adds a bit of humor to your videos.

  7. It reminds me of Farkle

  8. What is that little words?

  9. Uh oh butch is mad everyone RUN for your lives!!!! Lol thanks for the video LPS Dave

  10. I love bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. So it's kind of a yahtzee but with bacon?

  12. what about bunch? he loves bacon!

  13. awe butch is going to be sad when he find out u played a bacon game with out him love your video lps dave they cheer me up when i'm sad 

  14. Butch missed out on this one!

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