The menstrual cycle

What is the menstrual cycle? The menstrual cycle refers to the regular changes in the activity of the ovaries and the endometrium that make reproduction possible.
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  1. Plz never go for vedix where I had very bad hair fall after using it … Since I saw add here before this video am uploading it to help may people who has thought of using vedix

  2. I litterly bleed for like 14 days and have a break for like a week 😭

  3. Is it just me? Cause I have prolonged period, this is my 9th day now

  4. I catched my brother watching this

  5. This is an really Osam teaching thank u. Soooooo much now l learned very clearly thank u thank you so much ,the vedio is just amazing ☺☺☺☺

  6. Whose in the comments while the video is playing 😀

  7. Actual video starts at 2:48

  8. The human body is really so amazing.

  9. I had my period on 10 age ;-;

  10. Probably the best video on menstrual cycle!!👍🏻

  11. Her accent is quite gibberish

  12. I am professional Playboy service

  13. Watching this on my 1st day of menstrual cycle because I'm having painful cramps😭

  14. Why is my body waiting so long to attack me WHYYY😳😳😢😢😢😑😑😑😭😭😭😭😦 WHYYY😳😳😢😢😢😑😑😑😭😭😭😭😦 P.S I don't have my period yet my body is WAITING TO LONG TO ATTACK ME WHY PLS TELL ME WHY. P.S I'm 10 and I'm going to be 11 July 29

  15. this is bullshit. i dont get it and idc

  16. Me: watches video

    Depression: hi

  17. God 😇😀 bless 🙏😏 you all😘😇😍

  18. Girls watching this while on their periods???

  19. No matter how many times i study the menstrual cycle. I forget it and end up watching this again.

  20. I swear you learn more from random videos on the internet than you do in online school or public.

  21. why do teachers make boys watch dis


  23. For all the boys who were forced to watch this in health…

    I feel for u😔

  24. So basically, your uterus sheds layer of blood, this tells girls that they are now able to get pregnant (although shouldn’t until legal), then they bleed out of the vagina, and then have to use tampons and pads to control the bleeding! Pads catch the blood once it’s out, and a tampon catches the blood before it leaves the body, but a girl should not use a tampon on her first period

  25. What happens when it stop at day2?

  26. "Pausing only during pregnancy"

    So you're telling me I have to literally go through a bloody hell for the rest of my life unless I have kids

  27. Body: I want a baby give me a baby
    Me: No I’m to young
    Body: So you choose death.

  28. super explanation 👏👏more information is provided# I prefer 2 channels,this channel and The Nuclues.

  29. I’m 10 and don’t got my period ima lucky woman

  30. I just got off my period yesterday and this pops up on my recommend

  31. My body: instructions unclear, we’re keeping the cyst for a little bit longer

  32. i get cramps everytime i watch these videos 😭

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