The Perfect Lux Game – Lux Mid – League of Legends

A perfect Lux game performed by yours truly! I love my main!


Intro Song – Vexento – F17 –
Outro Song – Vexento – Home –

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  1. Lux do be playin beat saber

  2. It`s just so satisfying to watch a good lux gameplay! Hard maining her as well! <3

  3. this is so under rated, i preffer him for his overly happy and positive personality and chating than some big streamer with a stern voice and a monotone mood

  4. I'm geting an itch to report malzahar ass

  5. malz r is a suppression tho

  6. Okay like no joke, The new ult animatio/hitbox on Cosmic lux is kinda bs

  7. Zac is jungle in streets but support in the sheets(chat)

  8. Hey I play league Hella. Lmao. But to ping ward… at least on my computer is h. Click h and yeah.

  9. Lux's E aoe slow is enough to remove Malzahar's passive shield so if you throw E on him and wait for the shield to go away, and if he's still in it – pop it so he takes the full damage 🙂

  10. You tend to put your wards in weird spots. By the time they spot the enemy jungler, it's usually too late in the case of things like Jarvan. I think you'll see a huge difference if you put your pink wards in the pixel brush in river rather than the side of the lane.

    Also, great content! 🙂

  11. What do you think about using in OFFENSE (Runes) attack speed on Lux??…

  12. cleanse doesn't remove malz ult 😀 10:32

  13. Wait is it just me or lux can't pop her E and ult at the same time anymore, it happened to me yeaterday but I'm not sure

  14. When I'm playing lux I just hate everyone so I never know who to ban xD

  15. 10:30 "Does cleanse work on Malz ult?" "Yes, the only thing it doesnt cleanse is suppression (and airborne)
    Also Malz ult: Suppresses

  16. Ppl say that DC Lux is better that Cosmic. I say so otherwise. It's cool to be like the royal adivser for Cosmic Queen Ashe but the darkness inside you scratches, waiting to be unleashed in just the press of an R.

  17. my mouse has been lagging like your too!! i was soooo tilted in my ranked because i would miss everything… i cried for a good bit… i had full potential to secure 3 dragons and baron.. but wheres my ult facing? my E? W? Q? where have they gone? lol

  18. jajaja Twigs even when you want to be mean you are adorable, great vid as usual, im sure that team had nightmares about you R , xoxo from Argentina

  19. @Twigerlol how mastery points do u have on lux ? pls answer me ^^'

  20. Hi twigger! I hope you are doing well in the crazy time. Something I have learned in the Lux vs Malz matchup is that your E’s slow takes away his shield. If you hold your E without detonating it his shield still goes away. That makes it easier to wombo combo him and get the most amount of dmg.

  21. Hi Twigger! So something I have learned about playing against Malz is that your E’s slow takes away his shield. If you hold your E you can detonate it once his shield is gone! Makes playing against him much easier imo. 💛

  22. 25 to 4.
    Wow. You anihilated them. 8o

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