The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber – Justin Bieber: Seasons

A look inside Hailey and Justin’s intimate wedding ceremony in South Carolina (complete with a few surprise guests). As the two finally tie the knot, Justin and those closest to him reflect on just how far he’s come—from teenage sensation to world famous popstar to mature, loving husband—and what he’s had to do to get there.

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Justin’s new album ‘Changes’ out now:


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  1. Congratulation.Lovely couple you are. God bless you big time. You looked amazing and your marriage is simply divine and very inspiring too. Been praying for you Justine and it's great to learn about your union. You are shinning stars and God definitely has a lot in store for you.

  2. You can see that boy is a clone..yall blind asf..

  3. As much I still kinda ship Jelena, Jailey are so right for each other and u can tell that they're meant to be

  4. Hailey: even though I was around people all the time and seeing all these cool places and travel and experience cool things, and I come home at the end of the day and its just me.

    Me : I dont get to do any of those things. And I come home, and it's just me.

  5. Who's idea was it to make these series?

  6. Who else thinks it should be billie and justin not hailey and justin

  7. Finally the day we saw our kidrauhl getting married so many emotions

  8. Wait? Im confused justin has two sisters and thier surname is different?

  9. hi jb the mrs. hailey rhode bieber

  10. love you bae mrs. hailey rhode bieber

  11. The way he walked in the room was so hilarious 🤣🤣😆

  12. Justin!!!!!!Snap out of it your heart is with Selena Gomez!💝💝💝

  13. Noooooo
    I wanted to marry him:<

  14. What is the name of the song that starts playig at 5.25

  15. selena is the best

  16. I love Justin songs for all my life

  17. Indonesia mana suara nya

  18. 2020 July Watching It's cute the Bebs😘😍💓🥰

  19. That one less lonely girl was her worthy

  20. 5:28 what is the music?

  21. Every time I watch this I'm crying I don't know I'm just so happy to see them

  22. This is pure and beautiful

  23. Ayee congrats man!
    So exited when you guys have kids together!

  24. 😍👍🔔💕💕💕

  25. Beautiful wedding it wasn't even extra🤗…..

  26. OMG. I’ve been his belieber since 10 years ago watching this video crying. I’ve seen Justin has been through a lot and he now finally found a home for his heart. I’m so happy for him.

  27. am really happy for them😘🌼

  28. Wow my love of my life justin is married is so hard to believe.but it's ok heily.u will be in my heart u justin

  29. im crying a lot right now

  30. Hailey Baldwin just sounds better. Not like anyone doesn't know they're married.

  31. tears falling

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