Top Ten Unsolved Video Game Mysteries – rabbidluigi

This video came out way creepier than I had ever intended. That probably says a lot about how we value information and fear the unknown. Or how our imaginations can run rampant without enough information. We are complex creatures sometimes.

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  1. Pretty sure the GTA5 one makes sense if you 100% the game. UFO parts, the alien in the ice and an easter egg of the jetpack from San Andy.

  2. Any update on camdrone btw? I'm curious if something is going on still

  3. That published the game.

  4. Polybius a from a real CIA Agent.

  5. I never thought I'd say this, but what is that Lavender Town remix. That way the track is actually fire lol

  6. Everyone: i guess half life will never come back 🙁


  7. 2:37
    Can we just appreciate how the statement of "Zipper T. Bunny is secretly terrifying" has aged due to recent Animal Crossing events?

  8. Fun fact, the hellvallyskytrees are at 30-100x marios size, if not more.

  9. What is the music at 9:12

  10. Animal Crossing: You are kidnapped, and everything point toward to it. (Only human, Debt,and can't leave the town, and such things.)

  11. The ghost girl in luminose city has an official Japanese pokemon page.

  12. “Not getting another half life” laughs in late 2019

  13. Somewhere out there, theres a EA employee watching and feeling triggered

  14. yeah real shame about no more half life

  15. Odd Header gets the amount of views he does because he only includes tops 3 seconds of his face in any given video.
    You should probably do the same.

  16. I need a ending to the cliffhanger of sly Cooper thieves in time

  17. 10:13 in the auto captions it says “No world war one” which considering the player is wearing camo is ironic

  18. The freezer is kinda like W.D. Gaster

  19. I enjoy games but not this deep

  20. I raise you a mystery that is not scary and actively being searched for by a big number of players for over 5 years now: Raxxla (Elite: Dangerous).

  21. Here after half life 3 kinda announced

  22. 👏🏻The👏🏻 cheshire👏🏻 cat👏🏻 in 👏🏻alice👏🏻 is 👏🏻dead 👏🏻

  23. Three words regarding there never being another half-life game: Half-Life: Alyx.

  24. Polybus might sound science fiction but it is actually a legit government experiment. It was part of the huge leak of a bunch of experiments conducted by governments around the world and this was in there.

  25. “His mouth moves when talking so that indicates he doesn’t wear a costume?”

    No, have you seen fur suits? Some are made with mouths that move when your mouth moves

  26. We'RE NoT GEtTiNG AnYmOrE hAfE-LIfE GaMEs

    Valve a few month later: Announces A new Half-Life


  28. Right, I have one that I need someone to answer.

    When wow was first released, I joined and played for a while, at one point I was using a flying mount and saw a giant monster attacking a dock from the sea…. it’s probably well know for those who play the game but does anyone have any idea what it was? I’ve not played in years and I never figured it out. Thanks

  29. biggest mystery to me rn is whether that's a kingdom of hearts pillow or a legend of Zelda heart container pillow on ya couch

  30. 5:10

    I wonder if the Freezer was a deleted or never completed boss for the minigame, and they never fully erased the creature from the code. Which lead to a glitch, which since it is out of bounds, maybe the game has an anti cheat system and it automatically takes over and stops you from logging in the game since the spawning of the freezer triggers your location and triggers the anti cheat system.

  31. My biggest game mystery….That is the game shown at 4:08?

    I mean it! My dad had that when I was super young and I can't remember the name!

  32. "we're not getting anymore half-life games"

    hello yes I'm from the future

  33. Zipper could be a reference to five nights at Freddy's springtrap

  34. Then are next generation won't know

  35. Once I seen the keys I just craped myself thinking what if someone in the past lost a key

  36. The GTA5 mystery was over after The Doomsday Heist DLC.

  37. I mean…. We don't NEED to know more about Wheatley, but….

  38. 7:03 Don’t touch that mouse! You’re watching Badlands chugs!

  39. I don't fear what I don't understand, not one bit. If you let that saying be true everyone would be scared all of the time. Nobody understands shit.

  40. Is someone gonna tell this man that they are bringing out another half life game 17:00

  41. Actually, Berserk didn't kill people. Sure, they were linked to deaths, but it most definetely did not. Go watch Nexpo's video on the conspiracy- it shows that Berserk was just…there.

  42. Does he not know about the doomsday heist on gta online about the mountain

  43. Highlight of the list for me was the Saints Row 2 glitch. Especially if it breaks the copy of the game and not the save file.

  44. "So we're not getting any more Half-Life games"


  45. "We're not getting any more Half-Life game" six months later a Half-Life VR game gets announced.

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