Tourette's syndrome & tic disorders – definition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

What are tic disorders? The DSM-V classifies three different tic disorders: Tourette’s syndrome, persistent vocal or motor tic disorder, and provisional tic disorder. Find more videos at

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  1. I do this thing where I twitch and have the Urge to hit something and I make random noises

  2. Me randomly reading signs out loud and sniffing people when they get close

  3. When I’m in an uncomfortable situation where I’m anxious or feel pressured I twitch my arms and sometimes say random things I also wack my leg and I was wondering if this could possibly be Tourettes?

  4. Is this to get rid of them? How many times do we listen?

  5. Sometimes I feel shiver around my shoulders and neck and I often jerk my head and my parents keep saying I look ugly doing it but I can’t help it

  6. I scream randomly, jerk my head, slap myself, hit my head and more. I just started getting these “tics” 4 months ago. When I think about it (ticing) it gets worse. When I’m claim it gets better. I don’t wanna self diagnose, but I need to know what’s wrong with me because I hurt my myself uncontrollably.(meaning I can’t control what I do it just happens)

  7. I usually move my neck but idk what it is

  8. I keep jolting my head forward and it's very embarrassing and I cant good it in

  9. I have tics since 2 days (I'm 15) I yank my head to the front and put up my shoulders, I also sometimes put my hands in a weird postiton while ticking, I also shrug my nose
    I sometimes make a gasping sound-

  10. I jerk my head, I make the same face, mover my head forward, I shiver randomly, wanting to hit things and sometimes I just jump and I thought it was just because it’s what I do and I never really thought of it as oh these could be tics Yk?.. idk it’s weird for me bc I’ve never felt like this but the more I think abt it the and the more I do it I start to notice it :/ doesn’t feel great either😔

  11. I keep on shacking and i cant stop they dont stop

  12. My roommates recently moved out due to me jolting my neck and right arm and grunting continuously
    I was upset about it for a few days but now I’m ok 🙂

  13. Help me guys…

    Ever since.. i cant really stop blinking my eyes rapidly and then while blinking, either i clench my teeth or bite my tongue.Then i also cant stop shrugging my shoulders and squeezing my tummy.. i also jerk my head from left then to right.. and i also tend to clear my throat a lot of times..

  14. i always suddenly move my neck around, such as looking left or right or looking up. i sometimes say “woo” or “yip” or “hee”, and latley i have began to whisper “fvck” repeatedly. this stuff usually happeneds when i am stressed out or have axiety. it’s been happening for maybe almost a year, and has only gotten worse. i don’t mean to self diagnose or anything, but can someone help me out?

  15. After watching this to be honest I’m scared now

  16. I do this thing we’re i twitch my head up, scrunch my face and make a little noise and tense up my muscles on either side of my body and when i don’t do it i feel uncomfy and almost cry. My mom told me i just have a bad habit and i’ve been doing for almost 2 years now. I sometimes snap my fingers or make a fist and my most common one (i do it every few minutes) is the face scrunching one and the muscle tensing. I’m confused because i feel like i’m faking it and doing it for attention or i’ve just created a bad habit or something. When i do the little twitches, before hand I go “Do it. You need to do it or cry.” or something like that and I can’t stop 🙁 Help

  17. I almost threw my stylus in the toilet after a tic, I knew what a tic was I’ve had them for a while but I wanted to really know what they were I only knew a bit. It often happens to my neck, sometimes I do it so hard I pull a muscle and it HURTSSSS

  18. I think I have it because I get shaking head and shrugging my shoulders a lot but I’m not cold or anything

  19. welp im 14 and i have tourettes

  20. I can't tell if its a tic or just a muscle twitch but my eye twitches a lot and so does my jaw, I tend to also clear my throat or click my tongue.

  21. I have sort of twitches where I’ll jerk my head to the side, nod, raise my hand abnormally, pop my mouth, and grunt. This started near 8th grade and it slowly got worse and I’m now in tenth grade. It happens when I’m thinking about something that could happen or when I’m just vibing. I don’t want to say that they’re tics because I don’t want to diagnose myself with anything. Sometimes I think I’m doing it on purpose, but I am getting pretty suspicious that I may have a disorder. I don’t even know if I do it for attention or it’s a psychosomatic thing or if it’s genuine. Can someone help me? I know y’all don’t really have any medical experience or anything, but I want validation haha

  22. I’m starting to do research now. I get random movements and jerks. It started with my right eye, then it progressed to my neck jerking and now I’m hitting myself??? It’s all involuntary and doesn’t happen all the time but most days of the week. There’s nothing vocal though but it’s getting worse since I hit myself the other day and it hurt.

  23. Me Head swings back
    My dad what are you doing
    Me. Blames it on a chill 😂
    By the way I don’t have tics but I’ve had a problem with some of the symptoms for about two years now

  24. for me the tics arent uncontrollable i just…i just wanna

  25. Sometimes I have tics but I don’t think I have Tourette’s, something I’ll make a random sound and my mom will ask me what is wrong and I say idk

  26. As far as I can tell, I guess I have the provisional one? I'll shiver or flinch for no reason, and make a "woo" sound or click my tongue. It only started recently, about a month or so, and it's gotten really bad this past couple days. It's hard to tell if I'm doing it on purpose or not, though… It's like something it telling me to do it, really forcefully, and I comply. It's not like a spasm, (although the flinching can sometimes feel like it,) and I feel like if I try hard enough, I could stop it, but when I try that, it gets uncomfortable and then I just end up doing it anyway.

  27. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet but some tics that I have are blinking, head bobbing, sniffing and sometimes my shoulders will shrug or my arm will just randomly move and it will end up hitting my face or something in front of me

  28. To manage my tics(I have motor tics) I listen to music and try to not stress out, but when I’m stressed they are off the charts😂

  29. Uhm i dont think i have tics but sometimes i jerk my head without meaning to do it, often when im cold can someone please answer

  30. Omg in November it’ll be 2 years since I got my first motor tic 👉🏽👈🏽 now it’s pretty normal for me and I don’t have bad flare ups unless I’m really stressed

  31. Lele pons sadly has this disorder

  32. I have motor and some vocal tics, I've dealt with panic attacks since i was about 11 and for the longest time i would only tic while experiencing an attack or generalized anxiety. Then when i was 19-20 i underwent a situation causing me to suffer ptsd which is still ongoing and after the ptsd set in and i realised i was struggling with it, my tics became more common and frequent, even when i am calm or not anxious at all. I have yet to see a therapist and am still lacking a real diagnosis surrounding my tics.

  33. So tic disorders cant develop after 18?

  34. I’m 12 and I think I just found out I have tourettes. Should I tell my parents?

  35. I jerk my head a lot but other times I clear my throat or squeal

  36. I have tourettes but people don't believe me when I tell them because the only vocal ones I have are grunting, coughing and sniffing without talking or cursing.
    I myself am a very severe case that just lacks vocals, people have told me I have a excuse for cursing but I avoid cursing whenever I can.

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