Type, Len, Str, Int, Float Functions | Learn to Code with Python #10

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In the 10th episode of our learn to code with Python tutorial series we will cover a few of the essential built-in functions. The type functions allows you to identify they data type. The Len function will give you the character length of a string. The Str function enables you to convert a piece of data to a string. The Int function allows you to convert data to integers. The float function allows you to convert an integer to a float.

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  2. Hi, I have a very difficult situation and I would like to ask a few questions. How can I contact you?

  3. Hi I enjoy a lot with your lessons but I have a question about changing the data type How do I know what time it is to change data to a particular type? The second question is when a user enters a video clip or an image under what type of data falls into this category?

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