Um, Actually: The Game Show Where Nerds Correct Nerds

Because there’s only so many times you can tell people that Zelda is the princess.

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Trapp – Mike Trapp
Emily – Emily Axford
Pat – Pat Cassels
Jon – Jon Gabrus
Director – Matt Enlow
Writer – Mike Trapp
Producer – Dan Siegel
Art Director – Elaine Carey
Production Coordinator – Julia Bales
Sound Mixer – Chris Bennet for Botown Sound
Boom Operator – Danny Carpenter for BoTown
1st Assistant Camera – Noel Vidal
Gaffer – John Dutcher
Intern – Jeffrey Vega
Lauren Davis
DP – Robert Lam
B Cam Op – Carissa Dorson
HMU – Alex Perrone
Set PA – Damon Jones


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  1. Trapp tryna think of how to get away with killing Pat.

  2. Um, actually Malcolm Reynolds is captain and doesn't actually personally pilot Serenity, Wash is the pirate.

  3. Um actually, nerds are uptight nerds. Snobs are obnoxious, uptight nerds.

  4. Did I drop into an alternate universe recently, where the first few episodes of Um, Actually were set in a different room? That might explain this whole global pandemic thing…

  5. Um actually why is jack black sitting on the couch

  6. The true first episode

  7. I’m surprised that Adams sister lost

  8. I'm so happy I knew the Game of Thrones one hahahahah

  9. IRA also stands for Irish Republican Army

  10. umm…actually IRA stands for Irish Republican Army (See Young Indiana Jones season 2 episode 12)

  11. Jon Gabrus is discount Jack Black.

  12. So, this took place before Mike killed Pat.

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  14. 1:46 um, actually it's a crossguard

  15. um actually i think more people should be talking about jizz music?

  16. I heard Emily axford and though “moonshine siben” (I don’t know how to spell names

  17. Um actually, didn’t Trapp kill Pat?

  18. How many times did they have to re-shoot the part where the word “jizz” is said repeatedly? There’s no way everybody kept a straight face throughout that question.

  19. um actually, this episode according to YouTube is listed as S1-E8, when it's actually S1-E1, and S1-E1 is… possibly E8? i'm unsure, i can go back and check. either way, it's wrong and for people starting out with ep 1, it might be confusing.

  20. Man he's lost so much weight since the show started.

  21. That's it. I've watched 35 um actually videos on YouTube.

    Time to watched the 3 new ones that popped up while i was busy and maybe get a dropout subscription for a bit.

  22. "All my money is in Star Trek collectibles."

  23. Um, actually, an IRA is dead money.

  24. Um actually this is season 1 episode 1 of the series not season 1 episode 8 as stated on the YouTube Playlist

  25. Um actually, I disagree

    I’m not funny

  26. Um, actually, your season 1 episodes are totally misnumbered backwards, i.e. this episode is labelled S1 E8, but is clearly the first one

  27. UM ACTUALLY! DaenerysTargaryen is not the first of her name. She’s named after Daenerys the dreamer of old Valeria.

  28. Um actually you pronounced Daenerys wrong

  29. Are there more Jon on CH? 😮

  30. I love a woman in a white sleeveless shirt… 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😚😛

  31. Why wasn't this intro used for the new series? It's so much better

  32. Um, actually, Mal was not the pilot.

  33. Hum actually, Captain Malcolm Raynolds does not pilot the Serenity Hoban Washburne does

  34. Um, Actually, this is the first episode, and not the 8th as Youtube is telling me.

  35. um actually isnt it rhagaR not rhagal

  36. Um actually IRA stands for Irish Republican Army

  37. Umm, actually were too antisocial

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