Unemployment Stimulus Extension Happening! Here is Why! PUA UI Insurance Benefits Update

We look into the evidence as to WHY we will be getting an unemployment stimulus extension. Will we get more SBA Disaster Loans & Grants, EIDL Loans, EIDL Grants EIDL Advances, PPP, Paycheck protection program loans, PUA Unemployment Insurance Benefits, new stimulus package?Fed Emergency Stimulus Package in EARLY JULY! White House Package Confirmed! Stimulus Check Update!

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  1. We all need help people working and people unemployed

  2. With 5 million newly added jobs, they won't be passing this. Sorry for all those who are expecting to live off the rest of us.

  3. You can not say COVID-19 without YouTube shutting you down????

  4. Yea thanks but you never know, the republicans don't have a rational bone in their bodies.

  5. The unemployment rate is increasing here is a new book how to find a new job in this crisis https://amzn.to/3cESnt9

  6. There are no jobs to go back to anywhere honestly. States are on the verge of sitting down everywhere again due to the constant rise in cases. If the government doesn't extend so many more people will end up homeless.

  7. I work a half a year for a company in the other half a year I do my own business like a Pitman schedule can I file for Pua

  8. If they don’t extend the PUA, entire economy will have massive shock. Businesses income will plummet, commercial rent and mortgages collapse, leading to collapse in manufacturing since no demand, leading to depression.

  9. I dont have a job to go back to even though I went on unemployment due to you know what thinking it would only be temporary

  10. Please extend🙏 many businesses are operating at reduced hrs and some still don't allow customers to even go inside the building. Everything is still so very uncertain.

  11. The fat lazy fuck is stoked to not have a job and lay around doing this bullshit and super happy about not having to work and get e.i. for longer

  12. This is not a science experiment! The numbers in the south are spiking. I’m not one to sit at home, but people go back to work people will get sick, then there’s another whole problem. These legislators don’t look at the science of what is happening. Wait and see is putting people in the hospital, some with months to recover. Thanks Katie. 🦋

  13. we need unemployment plus the 600.00 for another 12 months.

  14. Please I was out of work around November 2019 due to my very sick I had medical appointments since I resigned until today I just couldn't find any other job due to my sickness please assist me with any program that I can apply for to get help so I can help my poor family thank you

  15. I'll say it for you we are dying by the thousands from covid-19 and Republicans want us little people to die for them


  17. What they could do is bring it down to 400$ plus what the state gives you

  18. Why is it that when they get a month away from re-election they magically feel your pain?They don't need another vacation? They promise the moon. If re-elected now they forget and take their sweet time. So disappointed.

  19. I really do appreciate your information. However, even though it makes plain common sense to all of us who are still unemployed, it does not mean the government will do it! These senators have no clue of what the real world is like for those of us outside of their gated mansions. I would encourage all of us to continue to be realistic. It has been amazing to receive the FPUC as a self-employed person, especially during this whole pandemic, but all good things must come to an end eventually. I've saved a lot of the extra money from the $600 a week just in case it does end on July 31st.

  20. I get it, 600 might be too much until January 2021. Why don’t they meet in the middle? Lets say 600 a week until september/october. After that lets say 400 a week until Jan 2021. Something like that.

  21. She reminds me of the local girl from the neighborhood

  22. I live in PA i went back to work and after tow month i got laid back off so this extra $600 is key for most people believe me if there was work i would work but in my trade there is no work i went back to work and made less money then when i was on unemployment but when my company called me i went back no problem so not everyone is not going back to work because they make more money on unemployment we want to work

  23. It shuod be only for the employes thar REALLY GOT EFFECTED BY THE COV19!!

  24. I'm on Social Security and lost my job and I haven't received my first stimulus check yet… I got on the IRS PAYMENT website and it says that I am eligible and they will pay to the bank account that I have given them… they would let me know when I can expect my money.., If I owe them money I would go to jail…

  25. Why are you not allowed to say Corona or covid 19. It's not a bad word its just a bad virus.

  26. Here in Las Vegas there’s no jobs to go back too!

  27. So the 600$ unemployment has been extended?

  28. over ride
    fed go ahead !!!
    fed go ahead !!!
    fed go ahead !!!
    what's it gonna take??
    a million man March!!!!

  29. Ahe reminds me of Joy on you tube

  30. Thank you for all of this valuable information. You're great at this.

  31. Thanks for all the helpful videos, thank you so much

  32. My eidl was denied. I don't know if I filled it out right. Can you help me?

  33. THE VIRUS IS FAKE>> .. its about a control burn of world system… no more globalist talmudic banks in power soon.. and they are control buring starvation to come.. the common cold and sniffle is corona.. and guess what your dogs and casts have corona in them all of them

  34. What about people like me who have no job to t back too?? They the Politicians do not think about them only the ones who should go back to work.

  35. Go to ClearValue Tax for excellent information.

  36. They better get off their BUTTS and do something!!!

  37. I agree that the Fed, Treasury, or Pres. will provide a stimulus before Congress does anything. Trump needs to go big and bold now or the Senate and oval office is lost in November.

  38. I live in Ohio our governor is thinking of shutting us down the cases are climbing scary numbers smh

  39. Thanks Katie for all you do. Please keep these great videos coming.

  40. To little to late! Americans are doomed! Rich and wealthy Americans now fleeing! Food stockpiles are becoming deleted! McDonald's unable to serve beef and unable to procure from foreign producers for lack of employees. Starvation on the horizon! No amount of money will by food in short supply or nonexistent!

  41. Thanks for all the content you put out helps so much

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