update existing excel file using xlrd-xlwt-xlutils in python 3.5.1

update existing excel file using xlrd-xlwt-xlutils in python 3.5.1

please, notice that, if you face some kind of issues it might be because of python 3.x compatibility, so, I already uploaded the working files only you need to download them, then replace with the original one:

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  1. The XLSX file is not opening after appending data into the file using the above method (video). It is saying that the file is corrupted. Can you please help me out of this……. Thanks.

  2. doesn't copy over custom formats and formulas

  3. came for the python
    stayed for the python

  4. I can't open the edited file. It says

    "Excel cannot open the file 'name.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that file extension matches the format of the file.

    Please help….

  5. You saved my time so much. Thanks a billion!!!

  6. can this work on xlsm (macro enabled) files?

  7. I need to add a new row in Excel using python

  8. i have installed the xlutils package exactly to the point but its still giving me No module named 'xlutils' error, any suggestions?

  9. Thank you very much for your quality content.

    Quick question: is it possible to prevent the destination file from losing pre-existing data and formulas? If so, how?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Is it possible to copy a .XLSX file into another XLS file

  11. Very interesting, thanks Safaa!

  12. help!! how can I keep the excel format, when I run the process is lost

  13. this is not work for excel 2016 with xlsx format

  14. this is not work for excel 2016 with xlsx format

  15. Thank you, can you please show how to copy sheet1 to a new sheet within same excel file.

  16. Hi Sir, I would like to compare the values of two excel workbook's first column, how to do it?? please let me know.

  17. its not working in ubuntu 16, using py 2.7, the document is untouhed

  18. ok….. first, "xlrd module" are working good in excel 2016. but, "xlwt" and "xlutils" are not. they are only working good in old Excels.

  19. ……Now I take a lesson that I must prepare the back-ups…….

  20. oops. I failed! Does this Python Modules are compatible with "Excel 2016 .xlsx file" ? My Original .xlsx filse are damaged!

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