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A little discussion of Alexander JA Cortes, gaming as a habit, gamers and their relationship to games, and the nature of anti-fragile hot-takes.
#gaming #fitness #antifragile

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  1. What they say about people playing video games is exactly what they said about people reading novels in the 19th century.

  2. Does Elon Mask play video games?
    Does Dan Balzarian play video games?
    Does MIke Thurston ( not the same level) play video games?
    Does Eminem play video games?

    IMPO video games are evil. ( especially the online ones)
    they are too addictive, 
    I was addicted to fortine for two months, and it was horrible.
    I don't own a console, but I want to play HORIZON 2, SPiderman Mike Morales and Cyberpunk 2077
    But damn, hope I'm gonna be able to sop myself from buying a PS5 🙏

  3. those people that think video game is a losers past time than they should go to the video game companies hat make the bloody video games to stop making video games. O_o

    microsoft marketcap – 1.40 T
    nintendo marketvalue – 37Billion
    sony marketvalue – 79.5billion

  4. Art is useless stop spending all your time drawing and painting. Your spending thousands of hours on a useless hobby. All it is, is stuff that looks good.

  5. I agree , gamers are pathetic

  6. cant wait for all these gaming dorks to get to 50 and realise that they've completely wasted their life on a useless skill that is only respected by other dorks who do the same. Lmfao

  7. The only real losers are the losers who say people who play video games are losers.

  8. No amount of cannabis smoking is going to somehow turn you schizophrenic, you're completely misrepresenting what that research actually showed. Sorry but on this one the potheads are right the same way they're wrong if they try to argue cannabis isn't potentially addictive. How's about we stick to the actual science and leave our prejudices against how other people enjoy themselves to the side.

  9. Positive movie reviews dont get a lot of views……unless it's a positive review for The Last Jedi.

  10. A wiser person than myself once said, "That's the spirit! A celebration! To being LOSERS!"

  11. Videogames are for losers with no goals in life.

    By the time I was 9 years old, I had already ridden my bike ALL OVER TOWN, i KNEW my town. Today's loser kids don't even know their next block. They are secluded from the world, in thejr bedroom before and after school, and their parents are INCOMPETENT AND STUPID PARENTS for allowing and CONTRIBUTING to their denise.

    I went around collecting cans, bottles to recycle for spending cash. I had three elderly ladies whom i would do odd jobs for in their lawn, or clean their house, i would sell newspapers door to door.. i would teach myself karate out of a book, and was always eager to learn new rhings.

    Todays loser kids spend COUNTLESS HOURS on those stupud games and their parents are tlo much of a SISSY , scaredy cats to take their loset kid off of that time, life WASTER.

  12. Exactly. Games as leisure. Im not trying to be productive when i play a game. Im recovering from work. Relaxing.

  13. I can juggle and drive while high off my tits… let it never be said that no skills were learned.

  14. It’s a waste of time? Everything is a waste of time, but if you love it then who cares

  15. that guy just sounds super insecure. just like everyone else who calls people betas or "subhumans" in general, he's 100% a loser himself. at least video games have more variety than watching some guys running on a field or shooting a ball in a hoop repetitively over and over. literally never understood that.

  16. Aja did it for his brand for sure, he has no real
    animosity for games.
    My take is what does your hobby or interest give and what does it take. If games, comics, fantasy, motive you in other avenues of your life than overall it’s a plus.
    Alcohol on the other hand takes your money, your health, makes your next day harder, etc too many negative cumulative effect while not giving much back.
    If your shows, movies, games, etc. give you more positives than negatives in your overall
    Life than I’m for it.

  17. "A bottom tier subhuman…"
    Tell me how you really feel, LOL.

  18. I spent all my life playing video games. Now all I can say is….. LIFE WELL SPENT!!!

  19. Sounds like Chads dumb ass got his pro athlete dreams dashed after college and had to settle for being a bitter "journalist"

  20. I bet this guy never got a kill steak on CoD now he a salty boi

  21. Agree! Video games are for losers. Sad, they will go rage mode after hearing this.

  22. As an entertainment medium, it's far more entertaining and engaging than sitting back and watching a movie or passively binging on a netflix series or even watching a string of random youtube videos non-stop. 🙂

  23. Have you ever listened to Alan Watts, his ideas? He advocates living life playfully or musically. I mean, people have to be serious sometimes. It’s the only way to stay sane and survive. But, yeah, I think people should face things with some acceptance towards how it all plays out, because they’ve go to keep in mind that there will probably be a next time and they can make changes then.

  24. Smoke everyday, definitely not the same person who used to bash smokers in general, could save money stopping

  25. It's just an attack on gaming bc gaming is more popular than anything & everything.
    How bout you do you & I'll do me.
    If I'm not hurting anyone or neglecting my obligations & responsibility who gives a fuk what a meat head thinks or anyone else.
    Everyone has their vices & guilty pleasures.

    I could say he's wasting his life working out bc it's obvious he's not improving his intelligence. He's only concentrating on his physical & neglecting his mental, evident by his dumb ass opinion. Fucking meathead lol.

  26. A tweet like this doesn't even deserve to have that ammount of resoning shown in the video. It's pure rethoric. That's all it is. The person making that tweet is not even looking for a reasonable discussion opportunity, he is just clickbait, like the video said, or, if he happens to be a real person tweeting out he's own opinion clearly attacking others like that, he's obviously lookling for a fight over the internet, in which case, that's the real waste of time, right there, not gaming, in which case, he contradicts his own argument.

  27. I agree and disagree with the initial statement. Video games are essentially the most useless way to spend your free time. When you turn off the console, nothing in your real life has changed – except your health in a negative way due to hours spent sedentary. Unless you are making money from gaming, you are literally wasting your time. The same goes for sports and other forms of entertainment, too, but those other forms generally inform us of the real world better than video games, and also present more paths to a career in those fields. I've spent many, many, many hours watching films and reading books, but that has lead me to making money as an author and screenwriter due to the storytelling techniques that I have studied from those hours spent with films and books. What do hours and hours and hours of gaming lead to? Just more gaming, usually.

  28. Not sure if you get to see which commercials show up in your video, but the Rambo trailer I got to see halfway through the video was an excellent example of antifragility. 👍

  29. What is mentally healthy?

  30. But other habits can create compulsive behaviors. You said smoking pot…

    My family watches Football on Sundays. Yelling at the TV is incredibly commonplace. Is that not a habit spurred on from addiction, like getting mad at a video game?

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