Wait, That's NOT the Joker? | Um, Actually [Full Episode]


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Um, Actually is back and nerdier than ever. In the season premiere, Kirk Damato, Marisha Ray and Brennan Lee Mulligan stan Entwives and keep coming back to Avatar Roku.


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Mike Trapp
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Kirk Damato
Marisha Ray

Director – Francesca McLafferty
Writer – Michael Saltzman
Producer – Francesca McLafferty
Co-Producer – Annie Humphreville
Director of Photography – Santiago Bahti
HMU – Kathleen Pardo
Sound Mixer – Bo Sundberg for BoTown Sound
Editor – Trace McNabb

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  2. Um actually, the reason eggs in America have the wax washed off is not because wax is unappealing to customers, it's because the eggs are washed to control salmonella. In Europe, chickens must be vaccinated against salmonella, meaning they don't have to be washed as thoroughly as in America.

  3. it's not just the waxy coating it's also that they are refrigerated during the production process and once an egg is refrigerated it must remain refrigerated

  4. Why someone didn't refer to Larry the cucumber as pickle rick is saddening

  5. Trapp doesn't want your blood on his hands, but he killed Pat. Okay.

  6. The egg thing also has to do with salmonella being more present in the states, to reduce the risk retailed eggs are washed, in Europe you wash your eggs yourself before use if it looks like it needs it. Just buy fresh and local if you can. Then you can keep them out at room temp, which is very helpful for baking.

  7. How… Tf…. did… they.. not know flowey????

  8. black panther broke into a museum to bring back a piece of culture….

  9. Subspace Emissary is Smash Brawl campaign SMH. Also I hate that no of them know Flowey the Flower

  10. Reverse Indiana Jones. The thing I didn't know I needed until they suggested it.


  12. I can't believe no-one got the Deku tree from Legend of Zelda.

  13. 12:10 who did none of you get Flowie from Udertale everyone was talking about Undertale for a whole year in 2017

  14. I'm pretty sure another thing with the cover is that Hedwig wasn't in the cage but flying alongside the car. Right?

  15. I would've loved an extra point for one of the participants mentioning the real name of Flower but:
    – That would be a major spoiler of Undertale's True Pacifist ending
    – If Treebeard's Entish name doesn't go through, why would Flowey's true identity be mentioned I guess?

  16. 13:10 for a second I thought that the tree monster from The Witcher 3 was in there and the guilt and horror I felt was unbearable.

  17. this is so cringe it actually made me physically want to vomit

  18. Hey, listen. I know more that all yall.

  19. Whitney the flower asdfghjkl

  20. Um actually the teenage mutant ninja turtle mask does not mach the weapons. Those weapons belong to the red turtle rauglfiel

  21. Um, actually: Trapp, it isn’t the Deku Tree, it’s the Great Deku Tree

  22. I really hope one of these episodes starts with
    "From levioSAAAAA to leviOOOOsa, nerds like a lot of things…"

  23. Um Actually, Brennan is too good

  24. I feel like fighting them for not getting flowey

  25. Um actually removing the waxy coating on eggs is a side effect of stronger cleaning agents that must be used on eggs here in the USA because we don't vaccinate laying hens for a specific food-born pathogen. (I believe it's salmonella but I don't recall for sure)

  26. I was screaming “flowey, DOES NO ONE KNOW UNDERTAIL?” at 4 am throughout my house

  27. I knew the first like 4 but then none of the rest.. and my family grows chickens and sells eggs… but we still refrigerate them

  28. Who did no one get the deku tree

  29. Umm actually, the reason Americans remove the waxy shell is to chemically wash the eggs to remove salmonella, whereas in most of the rest of the world the chickens are inoculated against salmonella instead

  30. Um, actually it is said by Katara and Sokka in the first episode of Avatar the Last Airbender that bending is not magic, but an ancient art unique to the bender's culture.

  31. Good show because I’m screaming at the screen saying, “FLOWYUENXJWNICJWKDJWKDJND!”

  32. Umm ACTUALLY it’s pronounced DEK-COO tree, not DAY-COO tree. Also, WHY DID NOBODY GET THAT ONE I LOVE ZELDA

  33. I was so mad about the first question! It was so easy!!!

  34. I really hate red sweater guy

  35. I’m feeling generous

    2 seconds later

    I’m not feeling generous

  36. I would welcome that day because that would be the day I can feel anything just amazing

  37. Love that they all immediately switched to saying ‘longest piece of fanfiction’ after the question was asked when in fact, it’s literally the longest piece of literary fiction period. Not just of fanfiction. That makes it even more insane

  38. I'm actually, energy bending is the newest form of bending

  39. 28:45 that VOICE CRACK tho

  40. Hey just wondering since all the props behind them are wrong in some way, what is wrong with the catan board

  41. Um actually, energy bending isn't an element, while you're right about amon, both avatars used their connection to the spirit world to sever Qi so that they can't connect to their element. I guess technically all benders are energy benders, but it's still not a 5th element

  42. Brennan was joking but I would love a reverse Indiana Jones movie.

  43. I'm just madly in love with Brennan

  44. Come on! "Toxic masculinitree" was right there!

  45. Trapp: Brennan’s got this locked in… but you could take 2nd place

    Brennan: proceeds to get the last question to put salt in the wound

  46. um actually, there were more bending, such as electric and medal and blood bending.

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