What Can You Do with Python? – The 3 Main Applications

What is Python used for? What can you do with Python? Watch this video to find out 🙂

Looking for a Python tutorial for beginners? I have a playlist for that here:

Also, if you’re looking for a good Django tutorial, I recommend the book called Django for Beginners. You can find it here:
You can also find the free sample chapters of that book here:

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Links I mentioned in the video:
– frontend vs backend (my explanation):
– Flask vs Django:
– My data visualization tutorial video:
– The quora thread about desktop applications:

Outline (check the comment section for a clickable version):
0:44 : Web development intro
1:08 : Why web framework?
1:28 : Which Python web framework should you use?

2:30 : Machine learning intro – what is machine learning?
4:36 : Machine learning with Python
5:10 : How to learn machine learning

5:33 : Data analysis / visualization – an example
7:23 : Data analysis / visualization with Python

8:14 : Scripting – what is it?

9:20 : What about game development?
9:50 : What about desktop applications?
10:48 : What about embedded applications?

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  1. Below is an outline of this video. But first…

    If you're looking for a Python tutorial for beginners, you should check out my playlist for that here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBZBJbE_rGRWeh5mIBhD-hhDwSEDxogDg

    Or, if you're looking for a good Django tutorial, I also have a series where I use Django to build a web app: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBZBJbE_rGRXBhJNdKbN7IUy-ctlOFxA1

    Okay, here’s the outline:
    0:44: Web development intro
    1:08: Why web framework?
    1:28: Which Python web framework should you use?

    2:30: Machine learning intro – what is machine learning?
    4:36: Machine learning with Python
    5:10: How to learn machine learning

    5:33: Data analysis / visualization – an example
    7:23: Data analysis / visualization with Python

    8:14: Scripting – what is it?

    9:20: What about game development?
    9:50: What about desktop applications?
    10:48: What about embedded applications?

  2. make a video on scipy and its uses

  3. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing this info!
    Regards from Argentina

  4. can i learn this python, what i have to do, i can't understand about it, how it can make programs like new apps..or games

  5. hey, i want to do full python course can u tell me about more, please . i need your help because I am fresher even I don't have any little knowledge about python but really I wanted to do this as my career. please reply .thank you

  6. I wanted to build a desktop application. I know only java and python but willing to learn javascript and c#. Which framework should i learn in 2020, usecase is hospital management system.

  7. Am new student in computer science and I want to learn programming

  8. Lol the captions only last for about 40 seconds

  9. This is so helpfull. Tq from your new subscriber

  10. 5:33 data science, i can do this in excel within 2 min where i have to write the code and it will take 10 min if i am expert or i have to spend 20 mins. so why should i use python?? Plese answer me considered data visualization.

  11. Dont do to school to learn programming. IT IS FREE ON THE WEB!! Saved yall plebs some cash

  12. Yeah hi, I want a banana milkshake with fries & a salad please.

  13. It's really nice

  14. so i can use python to make a wallhack for cs go?

  15. Aaron Jack sent me here.

  16. The first time i hear about u…
    Seem as u could help me…
    I'm absolute beginner.. For now about 8 months stick on the concepts of python… I started a lot of tutorial never finish one…
    I wanna work as a web development but i really don't know how to start… From where… What i need?!..
    So hopefully you can help me… I'll be so grateful to you if u could tell how the steps.. Cause i don't know how to write a pseudocode and think as machines…
    I heard about data structures.. And machine learning… But i don't know which one to start with…
    Thanks in advance…

  17. how can install pyaudio for pycharm in windows?

  18. I have been learning tkinter.. My whole life was a lie 🙁

  19. Heres how to learn python:

    Go to w3schools and python and it has everything u need

  20. Talk about cyber security

  21. I love how good the examples are. Nice informative video.

  22. When ever he say example an ad comes next kinda like a meme! 😂

  23. So for whoever came just to know something about Gamedevelopment with python there is Godot which is a game engine works with python , not too much popular but it's growing

  24. you can combine many benefits. Why desktop app? Build a web app. with your web app you can build beautiful charts using js you don't need matplot. I' m a Django fan and I love it

  25. Such a great explainer thank you from Pakistan 🇵🇰.

  26. もしかして日本人の方ですか?

  27. This video is what I was looking for! Thanks from Japan!

  28. Thanks for The Video,But How Can A Programm Which is Written with Symbols, Letter's and numbers, Can Do a Job in Game Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, And AI. I mean its Just a Letter, Number, Symbols Stuff, How It Helps in game Development and Web development etc, Hwo does this program create Effect on This Applications, Please Explain me, i know it's like a Kid Questions but please tell me assume me as kid but answer me please

  29. Wow I can make Minecraft in class 8

  30. Thx a lot, you fix all the blur in my head. Did you know a full advanced cours of Python, that can help me to have a global experience of Python applications. (I am a web developer)

  31. watch it,

  32. Congrats on making my day friend.

  33. 2:50
    Me: But… whatabout google captcha….. 😮

  34. Well how is this:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3J9-tUlpenO4fJ_QsYjeJ1tCCoBIIk-/view

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