What is a Framework and Why use Frameworks

What is a Framework and Why use Frameworks

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  1. You should watch with the speed of 1.25

  2. kindly could you help me understand django

  3. talk faster man.

  4. I think everyone is angry in the comment section 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Help me to grow

  6. U explain well….but please stop this forced random accent that u r using….its getting irritating to listen. Speak loosely…dnt stretch ur tongue so much… Speak normally…

  7. thats pretty understaind examples,thank you buddy

  8. Don’t try hard, Relax first then do your vwork.

  9. Bad example lmao but nice one

  10. Lmaoo i always read comments before vid & right when he first started explaining I bussed out laughing 🤣

  11. Alhamdulillah.

    i think it's nice that you talk slowly,

    i mean i can just speed things up if i want to so np.

  12. hy please help me .I want your guidence in my career please reply me

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  15. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCijM_VgYyTwMge46jjKHSSA

  16. I LOVE this guy, funny and clear thank you!

  17. greedy, so many ads in just 11mins tutorial, a thumbs down from me

  18. Dude, it would be better if you just took a basic fucking English course before doing English tutorials otherwise just record them in your native language and be unique. I'm sure there's a software niche in your language to reach out to. Just being real with you. Others laughed and made jokes you probably totally missed and feel they're supporting you.

  19. Am I the only one thinking this guy sounds a lot like Jian-Yang from Silicon Valley??


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  21. What's everyone whining about in the comments, this was a great intro to a topic that shouldn't be learned super fast.

  22. Talks about how symmetrical image should go inside the frame.
    inserts asymmetrical image

  23. Better to make it in your local language.. forget about English.

  24. plz koi mri help kre fremework me

  25. Helo my name is walid and i think your komputer has e virus

  26. PLease don't put these irrelevant images side by side it's distracting lol

  27. "It's a frame and a vwork." Solid hook.

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