What You Need to Know to be a Backend Developer

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There are generally two parts to any web application: the front end, or client side, and the back end, or server side. The front end consists of the web pages you see and interact with in your browser. Those pages are usually designed by front end developers.

But how are those pages delivered to the browser? And when a user enters data into those pages, where does it go?

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  1. What about security?? Backend developer should also know to secure their web ..as fas as i know

  2. Your voice is not suitable for video… hitting my ears …but I have to need to hear you as I want information

  3. Can u explain data analysis the same way plz

  4. How to use csv file with dependent drop-down option in WordPress I have pincode data iin CSV format and i want to create a website with user searchable drop-down options so how can i do that?

  5. The best lecture I've ever had in years

  6. How to buy backend system??

  7. Well done! I am expert in c# and sql. Now learning front end stuff.

  8. The first 4 minutes were entirely unnecessary

  9. can someone tell me how to make these type of presentations or video animations or by which software

  10. Why is the thumbnail two very annoying looking cartoon men?

  11. You sir! are the reason i subscribed. Good Job!

  12. great job my friend,keep it up, I have your book about Head First Go.
    regards and Jesus Blessings from Lima Peru

  13. So I am a junior web dev (front-end) naturally am still confused an awful lot about back-end I, however, wish to go full-stack but here's my problem, with all the choices out there which language and/or resources is better for beginners like I among Python/JS/Mysql, etc… the second question is I get it that backend is both server + database but how exactly do we use the 2 together are backend languages like python, node, Mysql used to fetch resource from web server or is it the database or both i think a quick example would be of much help, thank you for reading.

  14. yea javascript is backend language but php not backend. yea you right. yea yea. php is front end language. ha ha

  15. Nick petit is the best teacher ever

  16. What do u mean by APIs are not supposed to be accessed by web app?

  17. why does the narrator sound like huggbees

  18. 80% of all the websites are using PHP, he doesn't mention about it. I supposed they made the research for this video by checking a single blog article on the internet (blog with a 80% probability to be powered by PHP). Check https://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/programming_language

  19. Great intro, but it lacks some fundamental skills that are required. I actually made a video about 10 topics I believe every software engineer needs to know (regardless if you're doing front-end or back-end): https://youtu.be/YspXT_d2iT4

    I'm a self-taught engineer and for the first 5 years of my career, I completely ignored Computer Science, but when I encountered knowledge gaps in important scenarios at work, I decided to delve deeper and I was surprised by how much knowing the underlying principles helps you write clean code and great applications.

  20. Where The hell PHP????????

  21. So i'm learning Python, and have learnt a little Coffee Script just cause (I find it very easy to understand easier than Python and would have before knowing any python, i'm pretty sure). I have been debating getting Windows Certifications, CIsco or even IBM. Server Side at least part of it, but I also want to also code not just everything on the Windows Certs. Anyone have any input on thye certifications and how long it may take for say a Windows MCSA (later the MCSE Obviously but MCSA I feel will be good to enter or my second job in the field), or how about IBM Certifications? You don't hear about it really art all, however IBM has a Location just 25 minutes away and sadly I missed a no experience needed job for fixing PCs hardware mostly and soldering, witch I can handle and it's not exactaly Ideal but an entry into the business field. I thought with IBM certifications it may help me get a good job at that location.

  22. Why didn't i come across this channel earlier?! Nevermind. Never too late.

  23. This video: tries to express a very complex concept and the details of a very laborious job in about ten minutes, and does a rather good job of it

    Devs: ” YeAh BuT NoDe IsN’t A fRaMeWoRk!”

  24. Hi, in order to learn backend web development I need to learn javascript+ node.js + SQL, that's it ??

  25. Designers design the page, not front-end developers.

  26. He is teaching best than my computer institution!

  27. Very very very amazing video!!!

  28. Can anyone tell me how this channel is making videos like this? How these animations and beautiful interfaces are implemented to this video? I mean which video editor is he using?

  29. Now you only need one language to code (JavaScript)

  30. Developers who practice a lot get to learn a lot! Competitive web development companies like https://www.drcsystems.com get projects which are big pocketed, highly sensitive and a higher level ones. The developers get challenges while working on big projects! Back end developers can get good exposure at learning server-side programming languages.

  31. Very very informative, 2019

  32. Is this still true in 2019?

  33. So can you be both front end and back end?

  34. Some please help me with login tree house… In india it doesn't support

  35. Protip: When talking about SQL on't ever say 'S – Q – L', always say it as 'Sequel'

  36. what is full stack developer

  37. Completely ignored php,, that's heart breaking

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