Why Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man Were in the Tony Hawk Games

Marvel Characters in the Tony Hawk’s Series: A Needlessly In-Depth History


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The influence and legacy of the Tony Hawk’s franchise is still being felt in video games today, despite the fact that there hasn’t been a well-received instalment in the series for over a decade. In this video, Josh takes a look at what the series meant to him, why the inclusion of certain Marvel characters is significant, and how these cameo appearances came to be.

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  1. They better be in the remake

  2. I love this video. I feel your pain with the awkward adolescents and the saving grace of comics and video games. I absolutely loved the early THPS. I has 1 for N64. 2 for PS1. 3, Underground, and 4 for PS2 and Project Sate for Wii. I never knew Wolverine was in THPS 2.

  3. Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man belongs to Marvel Comics (Disney).
    Tony Hawk's series belongs to Activision (Activision Blizzard).

  4. I hope the new Tony Hawks Proskater includes Spidey

  5. I guess in the PS1 version of THPS3 Wolverine model it's from X-Men Mutant Academy

  6. Im here because the remake has been announced i hope they add spiderman in thps2

  7. And now Deadpool is in Fortnite


    Get out, Shrek.

  10. I have t h p s 3 for ps 1 and never got to unlock the skater's even the cheats wouldn't help me get him

  11. I knew they used Wolverine's model from X2 Wolverine's revenge.

  12. Aggressive Inline was way better than THPS3 and 4 combined.

  13. The PS4 game doesn't have the symbiote or the cosmic and that's it.

  14. Thps2 was my favorite one

  15. Wait, Little Big Planet had Marvel costumes so they technically cameoed in that too

  16. Can you please make a video about Iron Man Activision cancel game

  17. I’m sorry wtf you mean doom is

  18. Hmm…Let's see here

    Spider-man makes sense. I actually really love that he's here!

    Wolverine…Sure…I guess.



  19. Tony hawk 8 and 9 were fantastic

  20. To be fair American wasteland is the last good tony hawk game

  21. Wat were the Wolverine suits

  22. A needlessly in depth history, you say? You provide a valuable service, good sir. The need is real.

  23. 1) Tony Stork 👌 and 2) GBA Iron Man looks adorable

  24. Will you actually do an Iron-Man video? That would be interesting imo

  25. I’m surprised no one ever took the opportunity to have Silver Surfer be an unlockable character is SSX or something.

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