Witch Wand and Broom Puzzle – Only For Genius

Can you solve this witch wand broom puzzle?
This picture maths puzzle is very popular on the facebook. This puzzle is very tricky and very few people could able to solve it.

This is popularly known as witch wand and broom puzzle. And people are crazy about this puzzle. Few place this is also known guillelo puzzle.
Solve this and give your answer in the comment section. Watch this video till the end for the correct answer.

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  2. The double broom and wand images are really Iffy.

  3. Here's how they want you to solve it….

    Wand = 7
    Broom = 3
    Witch = 5

    The answer they want is 3+5*14 = 73 IF they go by current teaching. I was taught way back that if there are no brackets or parentheses you work straight left to right which would make it 112, today they teach multiplication and division before addition and subtraction.

    But let's go with the answers they want and plug them into their equation EXACTLY AS IT"S WRITTEN/DRAWN working left to right….

    753 + 753 + 753 = 45 (WandWitchBroom+WandWitchBroom+WandWitchBroom)
    7 + 7 + 7 = 21 (Wand+Wand+Wand)
    3 + 33 + 3 = 12 (Broom+BroomBroom+Broom)
    3 + 5 x 77 = ? (Broom+Witch+WandWand)

    A mathematician didn't write this for sure, maybe an artist?

  4. Bhai es ka answer lod kro 45=24=12

  5. on the picture people gave me the quality was so shiit you couldnt see the double wand as you can hear so….

  6. My teacher said 73 is incorrect

  7. 🌹+🌹+🌹=15
    🌹+🐼🐇÷🐼= ?

    Sir es ka ans bata digiye plzzz
    Ye samaj nahi a raha h

  8. There's something more about the answer 73 which is correct. The number is one of the solutions of the witch's riddle in Goethe's Faust, one of the most famous books in German literature. 7 and 3 are two holy numbers which become magically potentiated if put together.

  9. Das ist kein Rätsel und nicht lösbar, da es viele Annahmen zulässt und die Tatsachen doch sehr verwischt dargestellt werden. Ist die Hexe (x) oben als Ganzes, also inkl. Besen (y) und Zauberstab (z) zu sehen? Oder ist die, Hexe (x) allein anzusehen? Da es sich um eine 2 dimensionale Darstellung handelt ist bei den übereinander gelegten Elementen gar nicht erkennbar um wieviele es sich tatsächlich handelt. Es könnten unendlich viele sein. Ebenso bei allen anderen, wenn diese direkt hinter dem Vorgängerelement liegen sollten.

  10. its wrong.. Because 7+7 does not multiply..

  11. The final wand looks 3D to me, so it should be equal to one wand cubed. (7x7x7)

  12. Nice.. hug

  13. 73 is the correct answer. Mr Spock said all other answers are illogical

  14. I find this puzzle silly because line 3 has 4 brooms ok, but there is no plus symbol between two of them, therefore it is this:

    B+BB+B= 12

    which is B*B+B+B= 12
    Making B=2.6055

    Surely that wasn't intentional but it is pretending to be mathematical but failing.

  15. So the answer: 1 broom + 1 Witch X 2 Wands (1×3) +(1×5) X (2×7) 3+(5X14) 3+70= 73

  16. Wow super puzzle thank u sir

  17. the brooms each are 4, NOT 3, Einstein

  18. Totally open to interpretation. Are the stacked wands/brooms squared or added? Do we consider the addition of them it’s own operation? There’s no definitive way to convert this from images to operations. This is why we have a set of standard symbols and signs that we must use, otherwise maths becomes interpretive rather than logical

  19. Why this math equation is fundamentally illogical.

    First, lets define our variables; W= witch + broom + wand; X = broom, Y= wands, and Z=witch alone (without the addition of the broom and wand as seen in the 4th equation)

    Equation 1, we know that W=15. Equation 2, we know that the Y=7. Looking at equation 4, we have to define Z, but to define Z, the numerical value of the witch alone, we also have to define X, the numerical value of the broom; because we know that W=15 total for the witch, broom and wand, and that Y=7 for wands, X should be a number between 1 and 8, as 15-7=8. However, if you look at equation 3 we have 12= x + x*x + x = 2x + x^2, of which cannot be satisfied by any number 1-8 and therefore, both X and Z cannot be defined. Some may argue equation 3 is 12= x + 2x + x, but that just is not true as to what is provided, there is no addition sign, there is no 2 in front of the broom, there are 2 brooms and it is implied that the two brooms are multiplied thus giving you x^2.

  20. ((5(1+√13))/28) + 48 + √13, ((5(√13-1))/28) + 48 – √13

  21. If doll if 15, broom is 4 and star is 7, then equation will be 15-4-7= 4. Doll is 4, not 5

  22. Great explanation… I dint see the two brooms at first

  23. You cannot add the wands together before doing the multiplication.

    The answer is 45

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